Hey, we even have our own song!

Sing to the tune of the Scarecrow’s song, “If I Only Had A Brain”
from the Wizard of Oz
By Tom McNiel

We could while away the hours
With beets and cauliflowers
With cabbages and kale.
We could propagate some onions
As we nurse our aching bunions
And blisters we bewail

Altogether, Earl and Irma,
Spade up the terra firma
And plant a lot of seeds.
When store prices go titanic,
You can dine on foods organic
To satisfy your needs.

Much like the pioneers
Who got natural nutrition from the soil
Perhaps our engineers
Will help us to be free from foreign oil.

Instead of being pliant
We must be self-reliant
To gain the upper hand,
And as Nature has intended,
Win the benefits so splendid…
The bounty of our land.



  1. Fabulous! I even sang it as I read it. Love this!

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