New Year…New Meetings

We hope you have all enjoyed your holidays! Starting a new year is always exciting…well maybe not Y2K exciting, but hopeful none-the-same.

We  will begin our 2017 presentations with a new presenter. He is a retired Special Forces soldier, with 20 years of medical experience in a variety of situations.

Medical Care Considerations – Everyday and Emergencies
This presentation is designed to educate and inspire us how to be prepared for commonplace situations as well as possible emergencies. This includes:
–“medicine cabinet” items to have on hand at home
–which types of first aid kits should be prepared for various situations
–educational resources will be shared
–and then a practical hands-on lesson for one particular type of emergency.
We hope you can join us at the  Graham Fire Station HQ

23014 70th Ave. E, Graham, WA

6:30-8:30 PM

Annual December Potluck Dinner

Every December we skip a formal topic and spend time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.  And eating!  Of course, eating!

If you’ve not made one of our meetings, this is a great one to start with!

Bring a dish to share if you can, but don’t skip the meeting just because you don’t have time to prepare anything.  There is always plenty to eat and your company is the most important thing!

See you there!

Graham Fire Station HQ

23014 70th Ave. E, Graham, WA

6:30-8:30 PM


Tired of political pooh?

Are you tired of the political pooh? Join the Graham SRC on Wednesday November 2, 2016 at 6:30 for a discussion on

Field Sanitation

Guest speaker Walter will clean up this messy topic, so you can too, when S.H.T.F.

Everyone is welcome! See you at the Graham Fire Hall on 70th Ave.



Fall has arrived. Join us on October 5th from 6:30-8:30PM at the Graham Fire Hall on 70th Ave. to learn about…




From wheat berry to loaf, it really is easy. We will demonstrate grain grinding and bread making including alternative wheat options.

Bring some copies of your favorite recipe to share. We will share fresh samples with you.


If you might want to join in the presentation, please contact Shannon at right away.


SRC September Meeting: Cascadia Rising — The Big One!

The Graham Self-Reliant Community will be taking a deeper look at regional and local earthquake preparation at its monthly meeting on Wednesday, September 7, 2016. The meeting will be held at the Fire Station in Graham at 23014 70th Ave E,  just south of 224th St. The meeting is free and begins at 6:30 pm.

In particular, area representatives will be discussing exactly what occurred during the Cascadia Rising Exercise in June, how local fire departments and county agencies participated, and what was learned.

The Cascadia Rising Exercise was the federal-state-local training project to prepare the Puget Sound Region to survive a 9.0 earthquake.

Assistant Graham Fire Chief Tony Judd will be attending the Self-Reliant Meeting, and Assistant Chief Guy Overby from the Central Pierce Fire and Rescue Department has been invited. Also invited is Sarah Foster, the Public Information Officer of the Pierce County Department of Emergency Management.

These individuals will join with members of the SRC in a panel discussion of how a 9.0 earthquake will manifest in our area. Simply, our primary warning will be a ground trembling of at least four minutes – that would be an 8.0.

If the shaking goes for six minutes then we have a full-release subduction quake that will be at least a 9.0, and render nearly full destruction of roadways and bridges, water and sewage lines, and fuel lines. FEMA estimates that this kind of earthquake will require everyone to survive in place for at least a week, and that little infrastructure repair could begin for at least a month, requiring large-scale evacuations for the injured and sick. The Cascadia Rising Exercise projected over 20,000 dead in the first few hours and at least a million residents immediately without effective shelter.

Since a Cascadian Subduction Zone quake will occur just off the Pacific coast of Washington and Oregon, FEMA officials have said that “everything west of I-5 will be toast.”

However, state building codes were strengthened in the 1990s so that all recent construction – certainly all public buildings – must be “resistant” to a 9.0 earthquake. Nevertheless, FEMA expects that a Big One will knock out half of all hospitals, schools, fire and police stations, and other municipal structures.

Geologists from the University of Washington told Cascadia Rising officials that the Pacific Northwest has experienced over forty 9.0 earthquakes in the past 10,000 years. That’s an average of one every 250 years, and the last known Cascadian Subduction Zone release was 360 years ago.

August 3, 2016 Meeting

Solar Photovoltaic “PV” 100

This month’s meeting will be a presentation and discussion on how solar power can be an important piece of your self-reliance.  Since the dawn of time people have been reliant on the sun, using this resource for all sorts of things: keeping time, cultivating crops, heating water and space, and as of 1960’s – generating power!  Come hear a brief history on how solar has progressed over the last sixty years, what its applications are today and how you can incorporate it into your sustainable living.  The main focus of the presentation will be on grid-tied solar pv systems, off-grid pv systems, hybrid solar power pv systems, and how each of them can provide energy independence to a self-reliant home for decades to come.Solar

See you 6:30-8:30 on Wednesday August 3, 2016

at the Graham Fire Hall 23014 70th Ave E.

Meeting Updates

July Cancelled: Our meeting scheduled for July 13th on the Big Earthquake has been cancelled. We will reschedule this topic for September. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Stay tuned for August’s meeting on the topic of solar energy.