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Thanks to Tracy B.!
To create an account to use leave a comment (under the original post), please go to WORDPRESS’ HOME PAGE and then select the big orange button on left-hand side that says “Sign Up Now”.

When you get to the next page go down to the USERNAME SECTION under the blog address section. You do not need to create a blog, although it seems as if you do, to be able to post comments on the webblogs and sites. Just create a username and password.

Now you can login and leave a comment. Remember I screen these to avoid spam ;o), so they won’t show up right away.
Comments, suggestions, and /or related information section is located under the original post.

I hope that all of you will contribute your “two cents” and participate in developing this site as an informational resource and community gathering place.

It has come to my attention that personal information should be deleted. I will list only first names and last initial I will substitute asterisks in place of personal info. Please contact Wayne if this information is needed.
Thanks, Holly

2 responses to “TO POST COMMENTS

  1. thought i would share this…

  2. Does anyone know where we can get Mason Bees in or near Graham?

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